Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sith Cheerleader

Costume: Sith Cheerleader
From: Star Wars and our crazy brains!
Made: 2004 (original version), 2007 (official version)

When they announced the title of Episode III at Comic-Con 2004, and then started selling shirts, I was thrilled. I thought they looked awesome. However, by the time I got one, all they had left were extra-large and extra-extra large. So I got an XXL, figuring I could cut it down to a sort of mini-dress, as I'd done before with a huge T-shirt.

And then the idea sort of...mutated, as I started thinking about modifying the skirt and adding some color and suddenly it became the most obvious idea in the world-- I should clearly be a Sith cheerleader! It fit perfectly with our group's Friday activity at GenCon Indy 2004, a sort of silly mock-Olympics. I had lots of fun brainstorming ideas for evil Sithly cheers with my teammates. ("That's all right, that's okay, we're gonna kill you all someday!")

Right around that time, unbeknownst to me, another group of ladies were getting "official" Sith cheerleader uniforms made. In summer 2007 I finally took the plunge and bought one so I could join the "team" photoshoot at Dragon*Con 2007. I love my super-sharp cheerleading outfit! It's even more fun to wear it as part of a big group.

Dragon*Con 2007, "official" version
(thanks to David for the pics!)

GenCon Indy 2004
(thanks to Brian for the pics!)

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