Friday, April 6, 2012

Masquerade: Space Girls

Entry Title: Space Girls
Fandom: Star Trek/Spice Girls mashup
Convention: Costume-Con 2008 (San Jose, CA), SciFi & Fantasy Masquerade
Awards: Best in Show Presentation
Producer/Director/Choreographer/Audio: Corli
Cast Members: Angie (Baby/Yeoman Rand), Molly (Ginger/Dr. Crusher), Nina (Scary/B'Elanna Torres), Corli (Sporty/Jadzia Dax), Caitlin (T'Posh)

Oddly enough (or perhaps not so oddly), my husband provided the intial spark for this idea. We were brainstorming Masquerade skits while driving home one night after Comic-Con 2007, and he suggested a Spice Girls parody, maybe with Battlestar Galactica characters. I mentioned this to my partner-in-masquerade-crime Cordelia, and she said, "Hey, what if we did it with Star Trek characters? There are five Star Trek series, and five Spice Girls, so we could do one from each series, and call it the Space Girls." She started reeling off which character should be which Spice, and we were sold.

We decided to do the skit at the SciFi/Fantasy Masquerade at Costume-Con 26 in San Jose, which was in April 2008. We weren't really sure how it would be received, since Costume-Cons tend to focus more on construction; but a bunch of us were already planning on attending, so we decided we'd just go for it. We each worked out how to meld our Star Trek character and Spice Girl into one costume, and Cordelia wrote a parody of "Wannabe" and choreographed a 90-second routine for us.

We had *SO* much fun with this skit, I can't even begin to tell you. The second we got off the stage, we wanted to get right back up and do it again. We were shocked and completely thrilled to win Best In Show for Presentation!

Lyrics (by Corli)

They've boldly gone where no man has gone before
They've sought out new life and new civilizations
They've explored strange new worlds on their recent reunion tour
They are...
The Space Girls

I'm Baby!
I'm Ginger!
I'm Sporty!
I'm Scary!
And I'm...T'Posh.

If you wannabe my lover
You gotta get with my crew
Trekkin' in my starship
That's all we ever do
If you wanna be my lover
This fact you'll have to face
Lovin's never easy when you're in outer space

Sporty: Whatcha think about that? Now you know I'm a Trill

Baby: Think you won't beam me up but I know you will

Ginger: Now let's play doctor

Scary: No, I won't bite

T'Posh: These shoes are simply illogical and way too high

Scary: Oh, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

Ginger: So tell me what you want, what you really really want

Scary : I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna man-g-chuq, ah!

All: If you wanna be my lover

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