Friday, February 17, 2012

Masquerade: PDQ Pirates

Entry Title: PDQ Pirates
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Convention: San Diego Comic-Con 2006
Awards: Best Presentation
Producer: Caitlin
Director: Rogue
Audio: Corli

Cast Members: Caitlin (Elizabeth), Rogue (Barbossa), Corli (Will), Kel (Norrington), Carolyn (Pirate), Cathleen (Pirate), Kim (Jack), and Radar (Pirate)

I got the idea for this skit right after Comic-Con 2005. Inspired by Star Wars in 30 Minutes, One-Man Star Wars, and Fellowship! The Musical, I decided I wanted to do a Pirates of the Caribbean skit where we'd retell the entire first movie in two and a half minutes. (It ended up being closer to three, when all was said and done.) Happily, my friends were ready to hop on board the crazy train with me! Corli put the entire soundtrack together, pulling clips from the movie, and Rogue directed all the stage action and combat. Since we were all scattered throughout the state of California, we met up for one rehearsal a month prior to the con at Kim's house, where we worked through all the staging. 

I love the way this skit turned out! The only hiccup was that we weren't able to get Corli's hat and cape on for her final scene as Will Turner, but there's live theater for you. We really enjoyed the audience response and we were all ecstatic about winning Best Presentation.

Photos at SDCC 2006
(thanks to Eurobeat King and Atomic99 for the pictures-- also, I don't know who the first two pics belong to)

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