Sunday, January 15, 2012

Masquerade: Rebel Dreams

Entry Title: Rebel Dreams
Fandom: Star Wars/Dreamgirls mashup
Convention: San Diego Comic-Con 2007
Awards: Lucasfilm company award (a giant R2-D2 drink cooler)
Cast Members: Caitlin, Corli, and Kel (the Leias), Rogue (Han Thunder Solo)

We were brainstorming for the Comic-Con 2007 Masquerade via email, and Kel and Cordelia said, "Hey, we've got three girls and a guy, so what about Star Wars Dreamgirls?" I replied with "Spangles on the Leia dresses and sequined bloodstrips on Han's pants?" and we were off and running. Cordelia whipped up a parody medley, we all recorded our parts, and I endlessly rewatched the movie to learn the choreography and teach it to the others. We had a great time with it, and we were very excited to win an industry award from Lucasfilm!

Performance and Photostage Pictures courtesy of rickpickett and

We're your dream girl, fanboys, we'll make you happy
We're your dream girl, fanboys, with crazy hair
We're your dream girl, dream girl
Dream of our brass bikini
Just turn on any Star Wars scene
Turn on any Star Wars scene
Turn on any Star Wars scene, we'll be there

I got me a hyperdrive, (hyperdrive hyperdrive)
Got me a hyperdrive ship (ooh ooh)
Got me a hyperdrive, (hyperdrive hyperdrive)
We'll give the Empire the slip

Move, move this Wookiee out of my way (walking carpet out of my way)
Move, move this Wookiee out of my way (walking carpet out of my way)

Runnin' from the dark side (ooh ooh ooh)
Gonna be a rough ride (ooh ooh ooh)
Whenever danger comes our way we'll make a Falcon getaway
Runnin' from the dark

And I am tellin' you Han is frozen
He's a scoundrel, I love him so
When I tell him, he just says "I know"

One girl only, one girl only is all there needs to me
One girl only in any trilogy
Yes, it's one girl only, one girl only, or else your films will bomb
One girl only, it's Leia or her mom (it's Leia or her mom)

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