Saturday, January 14, 2012

Padme's Tatooine Midriff Dress

Character: Padme Amidala
Costume: Tatooine Midriff Dress/Lars Homestead Dress
From: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Made: 2003
Awards: 2nd place, Sci-Fi category (2003 GenConSoCal costume contest)

This is probably my second favorite Padme dress from Episode II. I love the wrapped top, the cape, the skirt-- and of course, the fact that it's blue! (And it's such a relief now to know that it *is* blue! Or at least blue-ish. Oh, the arguments we had over whether this outfit was blue or white...) Anyway, I made this dress in the summer of 2003 to wear to San Diego Comic-Con, but since the skirt was stretchy and I hadn't constructed it with a waistband, it just kept slipping down and down, and there was no way I was going to be able to wear it and still be decent! Hey, mistakes are how we learn, right? So that fall I added a wide stabilizing waistband inside the top of the skirt, and I wore it to GenConSoCal 2003.

I made this dress in a serious hurry, so I really didn't document how I made it, and in any case we've since learned quite a bit more about the actual construction of the real costume. Thus, I have no real construction information for this costume. I can tell you it's made of cotton jersey, which I don't recommend at all!

In May 2005, I sold this costume on Ebay. The girl who bought it was very sweet and sent me some pictures of her wearing the dress!

GenConSoCal 2003 & GenCon Indy 2004

Lisa, the new owner, wearing the headpiece she made

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